About EnglishLab.tw

EnglishLab.tw is an electronic platform where users are able to experiment ways to learn and improve their language skills, just as scientists test new ideas in a lab. With focus on promoting practical English, EnglishLab.tw empowers its users to apply their English abilities to work, school, and everyday life.

The other arm of EnglishLab.tw is to connect users—who love the language, who are learning it, and who use it at work—together by allowing them to interact online with one another. Through interaction and exchange of expert knowledge, the users can not only sharpen their language skills as a group, but build bondage and form alliances that would foster personal as well as professional growth.

To meet the two objectives, the site contains the following tools and information:

  • A language guide on business writing, speech/presentation, translation and grammar,
  • Email templates and exercises that emphasize practicality and convenience,
  • Online training/workshops where the users can access the hosts in direct talk or by text message on issues that matter to them, and
  • A group of enthusiasts and professionals willing to share their experience and expertise on issues regarding English learning, work and anything in between.

About the Author

游志林 -- 英文智庫主編、工研院產經中心英文編修師、東吳大學推廣英語講師、北一區教育資源中心英文作文批改師。